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Success in Financial Marketing Requires AI and Machine Learning

2018-03-19 3,717 MachineLearning DeepLearning ArtificialIntelligence fintech ML AUTOMATION Martech finserv

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are very powerful marketing tools that must be used by banks and credit unions to meet consumer expectations.
Unlocking automation value: PwC

2018-05-16 3,251 AI futureofwork Infographic ML IoT ArtificialIntelligence BigData Datascience

5 questions to reimagine business processes, solve pain points and empower people
Forbes Welcome

2018-01-29 2,800 ML

Forbes Welcome page -- Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.
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2018-01-25 2,349 aI ml cybersecurity

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Alibaba's cloud services are reshaping city traffic in cities across Asia — Quartz

2018-01-29 1,757 ai artificialintelligence ML IoT

Alibaba, China's largest online retailer, is deploying its cloud-computing power to save Asia's cities from their suffocating traffic. Its subsidiary AliCloud announced today (Jan. 29) that it will use artificial intelligence to help alleviate road congestion in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company deployed its traffic-management system, called City Brain, in Hangzhou, China—where Alibaba is headquartered—in September 2016. Afterwards, ...
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2018-01-22 1,737 ML AI MakeYourOwnLane IIoT cybersecurity GrowthHacking

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Improving customer interactions: Leave it to the bots

2017-10-22 1,459 Fintech ML

Customer trust is a lot like money: It’s difficult to gain but incredibly easy to lose. And once it’s gone, it’s gone.
2018: The 'Year of AI and Machine Learning' for Financial Marketers

2018-01-10 1,452 MachineLearning fintech ML

Digital marketing in financial services requires the use of AI and machine learning to improve personalization and make marketing faster, cheaper and more efficient.
Payments News & Mobile Payments Trends, Consumer Payments News, Financial Technology News

2017-10-20 1,318 ai ml BigData MachineLearning fintech Iot Blockchain CyberSecurity

Online coverage of payments news and top industry trends. Insight and reporting on payments, commerce, FinTech and innovation.
5 Soon-to-Be Trends in Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning

2020-02-01 1,281 artificialintelligence ml DeepLearning fintech BigData InternetOfThings

AI’s major headwind is the cost of the investment, which will skew returns in the short-term. When the turnaround occurs, however, companies who are making the investment can expect to be rewarded disproportionately with a wide performance gap and up to double the cash flow.
Artificial Intelligence: What's The Difference Between Deep Learning And Reinforcement Learning?

2018-10-22 886 ArtificialIntelligence DeepLearning IoT ML ReinforcementLearning Futuretech

There are lots of artificial intelligence buzzwords making the rounds these days and it can be hard to understand the differences and keep up. Datasets are getting bigger and compute power is getting stronger, so artificial intelligence continues to mature.
Google wants to teach more people AI and machine learning with a free online course - The Verge

2018-02-28 870 AI ML

Machine learning and AI are some of the biggest topics in the tech world right now, and Google is looking to make those fields more accessible to more people with its new Learn with Google AI website
Introducing Ludwig, a Code-Free Deep Learning Toolbox

2019-02-11 857 uber TensorFlow ML

Uber AI developed Ludwig, a code-free deep learning toolbox, to make deep learning more accessible to non-experts and enable faster model iteration cycles. - home

2017-11-07 827 ai startup ML BlockChain Datascience is the home of everything, the multi-faceted entertainer and creative innovator, and a seven-time Grammy Award winner.
A History of Deep Learning -

2017-10-20 813 AI deeplearning machinelearning ML

If machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence, then deep learning could be called a subfield of machine learning.