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Karl Smith Experience Consultant, IoT3, CTO

2017-10-30 12,072 Blockchain BigData

The professional skills, insights and knowledge of Karl Smith from 1989 onwards IoT3, CTO, RBS.
HEROIC Cybersecurity - Compromised Credential Protection

2017-11-20 8,175 CyberSecurity Blockchain AI cryptocurrency Heroic

Protect against data breaches, data leaks and credential stuffing attacks with HEROIC's DarkHive compromised credential database and protection platform.
Why AI Is the ‘New Electricity’ - Knowledge@Wharton

2017-11-07 5,097 AI fintech insurtech deeplearning Bigdata ArtificialIntelligence healthcare iot DataScience SmartCity FutureofWork blockchain HealthTech

Just as electricity transformed industries in the past century, artificial intelligence has the power to substantially change society in the next 100 years.
The Download - MIT Technology Review

2017-10-24 4,193 BlockChain

What's up in emerging technology
AIEVE Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning - powered by Peculium

2018-02-05 3,430 Peculium Blockchain AI AIEVE Data Crypto BTC BeliEve FinancialFreedom Libra BitcoinIsBack

AIEVE AI and ML software to manage your savings. AIEVE is powered by Peculium and supported by the best technology Artificial Intelligence, Nature language processing NLP, Machine Learning, Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Data Visualisation. To get better value of your portfolio use AIEVE!
How Emerging Technologies Are Impacting Industries – The Startup – Medium

2017-11-13 3,399 blockchain IoT AI InternetofThings iiot

This article serves as a briefing on how various industries can strategically utilize emerging technologies in and around the world today. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather an introduction…
Research and Markets - Market Research Reports - Welcome

2018-01-18 3,182 AI Bigdata IoT BlockChain

World's largest and most respected Market Research resource. Searchable database of market research reports incorporating all niche and top industries.
Tech Emergence - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Insights

2017-10-20 2,683 MachineLearning AI BigData fintech ArtificialIntelligence DataScience DeepLearning DigitalTransformation healthcare healthtech Blockchain VoiceRecognition cybersecurity eCommerce insurtech FutureOfWOrk

TechEmergence is an artificial intelligence market research firm. We help companies and institutions gain insight on the applications and implications of AI and machine learning technologies.
SEO and digital marketing in 2019

2018-12-03 2,543 blockchain seo2019 Capetown

Explore some insights on how artificial intelligence and Blockchain will shape up SEO in 2019. One has also discussed about social media and video marketing.
22 Experts Predict How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact The Enterprise Workplace - Acuvate -

2017-11-12 2,396 AI FutureOfWork ArtificialIntelligence BlockChain

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10 Big Financial Technology Trends for 2018

2018-01-25 2,257 blockchain regtech fintech digital BigData designthinking

2018 promises to be the year banking sees the culmination of some key technologies — from blockchain and intelligent AI to design thinking and the Cloud.
Why conversational AI won't work without purpose

2018-11-06 2,235 AI ArtificialIntelligence chatbots futureofwork blockchain conversationalAI

"Purpose impacts the choice of technology, how it is measured and the ethics of its application." : The first A.I created to help cryptocurrency investors

2017-11-25 2,135 Daneel AI investors cryptocurrency ICO TokenSale Blockchain

With Daneel, cryptocurrencies have never been more accessible. Manage your portfolio, be advised, and receive market analysis easily with the help of one of the most powerful AI in the world.