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Hacked devices can be turned into acoustic weapons

2019-08-17 54

Security researcher Matt Wixey found that many gadgets aren't protected from being turned into hearing-damaging weapons. Or melting. Read more: Hacked devices
XLoader Android Spyware and Banking Trojan Distributed via DNS Spoofing

2018-04-20 53

 Mobile Security for Android Mobile Security for Enterprise provides device, compliance and application management, data protection, and configuration
California outlaws facial recognition in police bodycams

2019-10-11 47

The bill was introduced by Phil Ting: one of 26 state lawmakers misidentified as suspects in an ACLU test of the technology. Read more: California outlaws
New MacOS Backdoor Linked to OceanLotus Found

2018-04-05 45

Figure 1. Graphic used by the malicious document Upon receiving the malicious document, the user is advised to enable macros. In our analysis, the macro is
WhatsApp Will Take Legal Action Against Automated or Bulk Messaging

2019-12-14 43

Messaging platform WhatsApp this week announced plans to take legal action against individuals and companies that abuse the platform for bulk messaging. read
Researchers Warn of New Cache-Poisoned DoS Attack Method

2019-10-25 42

A group of security researchers from German universities has devised a new class of web cache poisoning attacks that could render victim services unreachable
Spanish MSSP Targeted by BitPaymer Ransomware

2019-11-08 41

Initial Discovery This week the news hit that several companies in Spain were hit by a ransomware attack. Ransomware attacks themselves are not new but, by
Microsoft to end updates to Windows 7's free AV software, Security Essentials

2019-12-11 39

Microsoft will not provide new malware signatures for its home-grown Security Essentials software after it retires Windows 7 in five weeks."No, your Windows 7
Sextortionists return for Christmas – price goes down, threats go up

2019-12-26 38

This follow-up sextortion demand, timed to align with Christmas, has a much more aggressive and menacing tone that last week's version. Read more:
Why Hackers Create Phishing Campaigns

2019-12-11 38

Phishing is a malicious attempt to obtain personally identifiable information of a victim. The first thing to keep in mind about phishing is the goal of the
APTs Exploiting Enterprise VPN Vulnerabilities, UK Govt Warns

2019-10-05 38

Advanced persistent threat (APT) actors have been exploiting recently disclosed vulnerabilities affecting enterprise VPN products from Fortinet, Palo Alto
Tech Firms, US Officials Talk Election Protection at Facebook

2019-09-07 38

Facebook said technology firms and US officials met at its Silicon Valley headquarters on Wednesday to collaborate on protecting next year's presidential
Tech Firms React to Netizens' Digital Privacy Concerns

2019-11-08 37

Whistleblowers and digital pioneers have long been sounding the alarm about abuses of our privacy online. Now, a slew of tech entrepreneurs are bidding to turn
FireEye Releases Open Source Persistence Toolkit 'SharPersist'

2019-09-07 35

FireEye on Tuesday announced the release of SharPersist, a free and open source Windows persistence toolkit designed for Red Teams, which help organizations
iPhones, iPads Can Be Hacked via 'Trustjacking' Attack

2018-04-20 35

A feature that allows users to wirelessly sync their iPhones and iPads with iTunes can be abused by hackers to take control of iOS devices in what researchers
Google data puts innocent man at the scene of a crime

2020-03-11 34

The man became a suspect because location data from his Android phone was swept up in a surveillance dragnet called a geofence warrant. Read more: Google data
Now you need a notarized document to get a .gov domain

2020-03-10 34

The US government is tightening its rules around the registration of government web domains to stop fraudsters impersonating government sites. Read more: Now
China Rejects 'Smear' After Airbus Hacking Report

2019-10-01 34

Beijing on Friday rejected an AFP report that Chinese hackers were suspected of being behind a series of cyber attacks on European aerospace giant Airbus. read
LinkedIn can't block public profile data scraping, court rules

2019-09-13 33

The long-awaited decision found that automated scraping of publicly accessible data likely doesn't violate the CFAA. Read more: LinkedIn can't block public
'Spectrum' Service Extends Cloudflare Protection Beyond Web Servers

2018-04-14 33

Cloudflare on Thursday announced the availability of a new service that extends the company's protection capabilities to gaming, remote access, email, IoT and