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A.I. Robot Cast In Lead Role of $70M Sci-Fi Film

2020-06-24 189 AI

As the industry grapples with how to reopen for production safely, one movie is proceeding with a lead actress who is immune to COVID-19 — because she’s a robot named Erica.
How Artificial Intelligence Is Already Changing Hollywood

2020-05-13 96 ML

AI looks poised for use in all phases of making a movie, from analyzing viewers' reactions to creating digital humans.
Warner Bros. Signs Deal for AI-Driven Film Management System (Exclusive)

2020-01-08 58 HollyWood

Warner Bros. has signed a deal with Cinelytic to use the latter’s AI-driven project management system that was launched last year.
Elon Musk, Jonathan Nolan Warn of Artificial Intelligence in New Film

2018-04-06 57 AI

Chris Paine's documentary 'Do You Trust This Computer?' raises questions about the benefits and dangers of an unregulated artificial intelligence industry
YouTube Alleged to Racially Profile Via Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms

2020-06-17 55

A lawsuit taking direct aim at Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act says the site applies "restricted mode" to videos tagged "Black Lives Matter," among other names, words, and phrases.
Robert Downey Jr. Sets Artificial Intelligence Docuseries at YouTube

2018-05-15 45

Hailing from Team Downey, the eight-episode series will explore how A.I. is transforming the way people live and work.
NAB Wrap: Hollywood's Keen on LED Video Walls, Artificial Intelligence

2018-04-14 45

There was attention on AI and machine learning from script analysis to editing.
How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Viewers Identify Royal Wedding Guests

2018-05-03 40

Sky News teams is teaming with AWS to offer 'Who's Who Live' during the live stream of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials.
Artificial Intelligence "Is Not Going to Kill Your Job," Says 'Heathers' Editor

2018-04-10 35

But speaking at NAB, editor and USC professor Norman Hollyn argued that it will make filmmakers more efficient.
Bette Midler to Star in Remotely Shot HBO Special From Jay Roach

2020-06-17 31

HBO is going deeper into the remote production business, greenlighting a star-studded special from director Jay Roach and writer Paul Rudnick.
Hot Docs: 'The Walrus and the Whistleblower' Wins Top Audience Award

2020-06-08 29

Nathalie Bibeau's The Walrus and the Whistleblower, about a former trainer at Marineland in Niagara Falls-turned-whistleblower, on Sunday picked up the top Audience Award at the Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival, which was forced online this year by the coronavirus pandemic.
Universal Parks Responds to J.K. Rowling Tweets: "Our Core Values Include Diversity, Inclusion and Respect"

2020-06-11 27

How much can one controversial tweetstorm cost? That's the burning question as Warner Bros., Universal Parks & Resorts and Scholastic execs all grapple with the fallout after Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, 54, spent part of Sunday tweeting her views on cisgender and transgender women, who she said, by nature of biology, will never be the same.
Daisy Ridley Raps 'Star Wars' Recap, Weighs in on Baby Yoda

2019-11-26 25

Daisy Ridley has some strong feelings about the relative cuteness of "Baby Yoda" and the Porgs from the Star Wars universe.
'Do You Trust This Computer?' Review

2018-08-20 24

Chris Paine's 'Do You Trust This Computer?' enlists academics, entrepreneurs and storytellers to assess the threats and promise of artificial intelligence.
Face Masks Not Mandatory at U.K. Cinemas: Reopening Guidelines

2020-06-25 22

Face masks are not to be made mandatory in U.K. cinemas, according to the official set of safety guidelines published ahead of the July 4 reopening.
Disney Mum on Splash Mountain Outcry

2020-06-16 21

Calls to rebrand the classic ride Splash Mountain have been gaining traction as its storyline is from the disavowed Disney 1946 film 'Song of the South'.
Taylor Swift 'City of Lover Concert' Special Set for ABC Broadcast

2020-05-23 19

ABC announced Friday that a new concert special from Taylor Swift called 'Taylor Swift City of Lover concert' will air Sunday, May 17, immediately following the season finale of 'American Idol.' The special will be made available the following day on demand, on Hulu and Disney+.
How Artificial Intelligence Will Make Digital Humans Hollywood's New Stars

2017-11-03 19

Script supervisors, editors, CG artists and actors all had better look out: "It's all over by 2045 — we are no longer running the show."
Michael Lombardo Named Head of Global TV at Entertainment One

2020-06-10 17

The former HBO head of programming will lead the studio's strategy, including developing shows based on parent copmany Hasbro's IP.
'P-Valley' Renewed for Season 2 at Starz (Exclusive)

2020-08-01 16

The stripper drama from creator Katori Hall has a rare 100 percent rating on RottenTomatoes and earns a quick pickup after only three episodes.