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Mastering Machine Learning: A Step-by-Step Guide with MATLAB - MATLAB & Simulink

2018-10-08 178

Learn step-by-step how to develop and deploy machine learning models—and master advanced techniques for optimizing them. Download the eBook to learn more.
Practical Deep Learning Examples with MATLAB - MATLAB & Simulink

2018-11-06 80

Learn three approaches to training a deep learning neural network: training from scratch, transfer learning, and semantic segmentation. Download the ebook.
What Is Machine Learning?

2017-11-23 53

Learn the 3 things you need to know about machine learning; Resources include MATLAB examples, documentation, and code describing different machine learning algorithms.
Machine Learning in MATLAB - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks United Kingdom

2019-03-18 42

Discover machine learning capabilities in MATLAB for classification, regression, clustering, and deep learning, including apps for automated model training and code generation.
Introducing Deep Learning with MATLAB - MATLAB & Simulink

2020-02-21 37

Get the basics of deep learning—see how a deep network learns, explore pretrained networks, and view a simple image classification example. Download the ebook.
Farmers Rely on Artificial Intelligence - MATLAB & Simulink

2019-08-15 11

Computer vision and artificial intelligence classify image data, enabling precision agriculture firms to create algorithms that provide farmers advice.