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How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Digital Marketing in 2018?

2017-12-20 2,251

Read some of the possibilities that are only in the fetus stage now but 2018 could prove to be path-breaking for AI-powered digital marketing.
Smarter bots, deeper learning, and better blockchaining: Mobile app trends in 2018

2017-12-15 1,627 BlockChain

Billion dollar businesses have grown out of apps. Mobile apps account for 57 percent of all digital media usage (yes, all). Despite this amazing adoption, we’re still far from reaching the peak of app development — and if you’re like me, that should make you really excited. This past year has seen major advancements for …
Merging big data and AI is the next step

2017-10-20 1,313 BigData AI Fintech MachineLearning artificialintelligence DeepLearning

AI is one of hottest trends in tech at the moment, but what happens when it’s merged with another fashionable and extremely promising tech? Researchers are looking for ways to take big data to the next level by combining it with AI. We’ve just recently realized how powerful big data can be, and by uniting …
Here's how IBM is saving Earth with AI

2018-04-27 1,238 ArtificialIntelligence TECH

IBM is deploying AI as a planet-saving tool with environmental researchers around the world. From space to the oceans, machine learning is helping the planet recover and grow.
Artificial intelligence eliminates guesswork and ushers in a modern marketing checklist

2018-01-11 1,006 ArtificialIntelligence

“I love seeing generic branded marketing messages!” “I love it when products I looked at follow me across the interwebs.” “I love getting mass emails and texts from brands and retailers!” “Marketers produce my favorite content online!” Chances are, you have never said any of the above. I mean, who would? Consumers don’t talk the …
What a world of AI robot writers will look like

2017-10-21 984

Just as video killed the radio star, so too will AI demolish writers, journalists, and editors. Legions of wordsmiths — from Fiverr freelancers to The New York Times reporters — may soon find themselves out of work. However, they will be defeated not by competitors overseas, but by algorithms. To understand the future of writing and …
This app uses machine learning and AR to teach you how to draw

2018-03-02 927 Art

Sketch AR 3.0 is the newest version of an app that teaches people how to draw using a clever combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence.
Google's AI guru predicts humans and machines will merge within 20 years

2017-11-10 877 Bigdata

One of the foremost well-known minds in artificial intelligence and futurism, Google's Ray Kurzweil, predicst what happens next for AI.
Why AI will determine the future of fintech

2017-10-20 749 FinTech

More investors are setting their sights on the financial technology (Fintech) arena. According to consulting firm Accenture, investment in Fintech firms rose by 10 percent worldwide to the tune of $23.2 billion in 2016. China is leading the charge after securing $10 billion in investments in 55 deals which account for 90 percent of investments …
AI is changing the way medical technicians work

2017-10-20 690

Neural-networks will change the nature of medical science from research to diagnostics. Doctors will need data-scientists as technicians in the near future.
Asimov’s laws of robotics need an update for the workplace

2018-04-02 651 AI futureofwork

Seventy-six years ago, sci-fi author Isaac Asimov wrote his initial three laws of robotics as part of his short story, “Runaround.” With visions of physical robots living alongside humans, Asimov’s universal maxims were designed to be programmed into robotic DNA, thus preventing them from harming the very beings that brought them into existence. Later, in …
AI is the next phase of human evolution

2017-11-24 612

I think we’re missing the bigger picture when it comes to AI. Once again humanity tricked itself into thinking that this time, it’s the end. That the looming technological revolution will take over our jobs and wipe us off the face of the earth. It’s not surprising, though. Technophobia is not a new phenomenon. It was …
Amazon makes its machine learning courses available for free

2018-11-27 600 TECH machinelearning

Amazon announced today that it’s making its range of machine learning courses available to all developers signed up to its AWS platform for free. This program was previously available only to Amazon employees, but anyone can now take advantage of it at no charge by signing up to Amazon Web Services’ free plan. It includes …
A beginner's guide to AI: Neural networks

2018-07-03 598 AI Neuralnetworks ArtificialIntelligence DeepLearning DataScience

Artificial intelligence may be the best thing since sliced bread, but it's a lot more complicated. Here's our guide to artificial neural networks.
4 human-caused biases we need to fix for machine learning

2018-10-27 532 MachineLearning DeepLearning

Bias is an overloaded word. It has multiple meanings, from mathematics to sewing to machine learning, and as a result it’s easily misinterpreted. When people say an AI model is biased, they usually mean that the model is performing badly. But ironically, poor model performance is often caused by various kinds of actual bias in …
What's the next big thing in IoT? 14 experts share their predictions.

2018-03-16 527 IoT

In recent years, the internet of things has evolved far beyond Bluetooth-synced personal devices and smart home platforms. Businesses and consumers alike eagerly anticipate the continued advancement of this technology.With wider IoT adoption than ever before, companies are constantly developing new devices for our increasingly connected environment. We asked Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) members to weigh in …
Marketing and CX enter the age of machine learning, but are businesses ready?

2019-02-21 525

There is no longer a delineation between digital and traditional customers. Anyone with a smartphone traverses between online and offline activities without a second thought. As they do, they gain a penchant for modern conveniences, such as speed, utility and real-time assistance. Along the way, they also become more and more impatient and demanding. To …
How AI and Machine Learning Are Redefining Cybersecurity

2018-04-05 517 MachineLearning IoT cybersecurity InfoSec cyberattacks

AI-based attacks that imitate human behavior and attempt to outwit defenses will be the beginning of AI vs. AI battles between the good guys and the bad guys. But, AI is only capable of what its human masters program it to do. The dark side of AI is just another black mirror of the worst aspects of human nature.
AI is giving the entire medical field super powers

2018-02-05 488 ArtificialIntelligence Ai DigitalHealth IoT insurtech

Humans and machines are working together in new ways that are saving lives every day. The medical field has been fundamentally changed forever by AI.
6 things I learned marketing for startups (and early stage companies)

2018-08-26 436

The other day as I was putting new strings on my guitar, something interesting happened. As the sixth and final string slid up into tune, the other strings came alive; it’s a fairly normal occurrence called sympathetic resonance, and it made me think of the successful marketing teams that I’ve led or been on — …