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AI, machine learning, and deep learning: What they are and how they differ - TechGenix

2017-12-26 1,757 machinelearning ArtificialIntelligence

AI, machine learning, and deep learning are terms often used interchangeably. But it’s crucial to understand the nuances before you can harness their power.
Key machine learning trends that will rock your 2018 - TechGenix

2018-03-03 1,037 MachineLearning

Predictions about machine learning made in 2016 have turned into realities. Now is the time for every IT leader to recognize the machine learning trends that will be hot in 2018.
How machine learning drives big business benefits - TechGenix

2017-10-25 1,004 MachineLearning deeplearning

With the emergence of business computing utilizing the Internet and the cloud, machine learning is poised to drive business benefits on a large scale.
6 awesome medical applications powered by machine learning

2019-01-30 596 healthcare machinelearning

Your next surgery may be assisted by a robot powered by machine language. These medical applications are adding to quality of life — and extending life.
8 AI-powered tech trends to keep an eye on in 2018 - TechGenix

2018-04-20 590 tech fintech Datascience NeuralNetworks martech

This is going to be a big year for artificial intelligence, with new technologies being developed for businesses and industries. These are the hot AI tech trends you should know about.
Big Data analytics and sensors: How they are transforming our world - TechGenix

2017-11-18 559

When you combine Big Data analytics with sensors, you get a transformational technology that is powerful enough to change the world.
How AI apps for banks are changing the face of the financial sector

2017-10-22 437 Fintech Finserv

AI apps for banks are revolutionizing the financial sector. Here’s some factors why banking is a highly targeted market for all kinds of AI applications.
Master machine learning — and snag a great job — with these key job skills - TechGenix

2018-01-11 412

Looking for an exciting new job in a hot field that pays well? Master machine learning technologies with these skills and jumpstart your IT career.
Industrial IoT: Busting the myths that just won’t die - TechGenix

2018-02-19 376

Industrial IoT is for you. The myths covered in this guide are holding back many manufacturing companies from taking a strong step forward.
Networking technology: Where it is now — and where it’s headed

2019-08-14 342

The IT world moves at breakneck speed, and advances in networking technology are no exception. These technologies are already hot — and are getting hotter.
Microsoft issues patch for critical Windows flaw - TechGenix

2018-01-04 250

Microsoft has issued a fix for a critical Windows flaw. Left unpatched, the exploit is incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands.
Microsoft as the largest security company in the world and its entry into Ransomware prevention - TechGenix

2018-01-08 202

None of my clients currently have the Enterprise edition of Windows 10 and none are yet subscribing to ATM so what new features do my clients have?
Machine learning poisoning: Is this a credible threat?

2019-07-09 121

Machine learning can make decisions faster than humans. But is machine learning poisoning possible, and if so, can it led to an onslaught of bad decisions?
Microsoft November update patches 20 critical vulnerabilities - TechGenix

2017-12-06 105

The Microsoft November update for Windows has patches and fixes for 53 vulnerabilities, 20 of which are deemed “critical.”
How AI-powered tools are transforming the insurance industry

2018-05-22 101 MachineLearning insurtech Fintech

Although still in its infancy, AI-powered tools are transforming the insurance industry by providing cost savings, product improvement, and enhancing customer experience.
AI or IA? It’s time to get intelligent about artificial intelligence

2019-03-28 95 artificialintelligence

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. But is there really such a thing? And will it change the job of the IT professional forever, or is it just hype?
Why AI is ‘artificial’ intelligence without machine learning

2018-09-10 88

Artificial intelligence can mean what you want it to. It’s an abstract term. But bring machine learning into the picture, and AI becomes real and potent.
5 ways artificial intelligence is transforming health care

2018-11-09 85

The merging of artificial intelligence and health care holds wonderful promise for doctors and their patients. Here’s how AI will change the industry.
The machine learning guide you can’t afford to ignore - TechGenix

2018-01-24 83

Machine learning is not just today’s stylish buzzword, it is a technological shift you should be aware of. And that’s what this machine learning guide is all about.
IoT devices are rocking the business world: Are you ready to roll with them?

2018-07-31 77

There will be 50 billion to 70 billion IoT devices in action by the end of 2020. Are you ready for this business world of the future?