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How Emerging Technologies Are Impacting Industries – The Startup – Medium

2017-11-13 3,399 blockchain IoT AI InternetofThings iiot

This article serves as a briefing on how various industries can strategically utilize emerging technologies in and around the world today. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather an introduction…
50+ Examples of How Blockchains are Taking Over the World

2018-05-31 2,106 blockchain CyberSecurity insurtech DataScience bigdata DeepLearning SmartContracts Fintech Futureofwork

When talking about blockchains, we commonly think of its applications in the future. “Blockchain will solve this, blockchain will achieve that”. It’s easy to forget that blockchains are already…
Curious to see our Swee app? – Enkronos – Medium

2018-07-02 1,791

Curious to see our Swee app? You can watch a little video about it here below. “Curious to see our Swee app?” is published by Gianluca Busato in Enkronos
An Overview of National AI Strategies – Politics + AI – Medium

2018-06-28 1,755 AI bigdata datascience AIEthics automation aistrategy

The race to become the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) has officially begun. In the past fifteen months, 12 countries have released strategies to promote the use and development of AI.
Artificial Intelligence and the future of energy – WePower – Medium

2017-11-02 1,717

Using AI in renewable energy production prediction, energy grid balancing and next generation understanding of energy consumers.
The World of Artificial Intelligence – UnfoldLabs – Medium

2017-10-20 1,592 AI Insurtech

Computationally analyzing Big Data is not a passing trend. As volumes of data continue to grow, so will the improvements in analyzing big data. When it comes to applications of Predictive Analytics…
The 20 core data science projects every business should implement

2018-05-18 1,497

The comprehensive list of projects to kick start your data science team.
73 Mind-Blowing Implications of a Driverless Future

2018-03-06 1,339

The implications of autonomous vehicles are vast, complex and difficult to predict. One thing is certain — their impact will be broad and significant.
A Brief History of AI – Francesco Corea – Medium

2017-11-13 1,326 Artificialintelligence

In spite of all the current hype, AI is not a new field of study, but it has its ground in the fifties. If we exclude the pure philosophical reasoning path that goes from the Ancient Greek to Hobbes…
Voice Bots: Most “Human” Computers We’ve Ever Had. – Archie.AI – Medium

2017-10-27 1,265 ChatBots

The most reliable way of measuring if an entity is artificially intelligent is through Turing Test which involves computers being able to consistently “fool” human testers into believing they were…
7 types of Artificial Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing

2017-10-21 1,219

What is an artificial neural network? How does it work? What types of artificial neural networks exist? How are different types of artificial neural networks used in natural language processing? We…
The Many Tribes of Artificial Intelligence – Intuition Machine – Medium

2017-10-21 1,135 AI ArtificialIntelligence

One of the biggest confusions about “Artificial Intelligence” is that it is a very vague term. That’s because Artificial Intelligence or AI is a term that was coined way back in 1955 with extreme…
Plaza prioritises “operational excellence”, hires gun consultant Tracey Allan Powell

2018-03-04 1,097

Total bCommerce™ developer Plaza Systems has engaged veteran banking operations professional and in-demand consultant Tracey Allan Powell as Interim COO & Operations Advisor. A careerist with more…
AI Knowledge Map: how to classify AI technologies – Francesco Corea – Medium

2018-08-30 1,065 ArtificialIntelligence BigData IoT

I have been in the space of artificial intelligence for a while, and I am aware that multiple classifications, distinctions, landscapes, and infographics exist to represent and track the different…
Welcome to the fully-employed, underpaid slave economy

2017-10-20 1,059

Bemoan the death of the gold watch, honoring 20 years of service at one company. And it’s not even that we’ll have 5–6 jobs in the course of a career— it’s that the concept of jobs themselves doesn’t…
Top 6 Cheat Sheets Novice Machine Learning Engineers Need

2017-11-23 986

Earlier this week a saw a post of some excellent cheat sheets that I wish I had access to when I first started learning ML. It was nice to see the post, but the images were not clear, and I couldn’t…
The 10 Neural Network Architectures Machine Learning Researchers Need To Learn

2018-08-07 973

Machine learning is needed for tasks that are too complex for humans to code directly. Some tasks are so complex that it is impractical, if not impossible, for humans to work out all of the nuances…
Applying deep learning to real-world problems – merantix – Medium

2017-11-01 928 DeepLearning

In this blog post I want to share three key learnings, which helped us at Merantix when applying deep learning to real-world problems.
Digital Transformation of Business and Society – Frank Diana – Medium

2018-06-29 925

At a recent KPMG Robotic Innovations event, Futurist and friend Gerd Leonhard delivered a keynote titled “The Digital Transformation of Business and Society: Challenges and Opportunities by 2020”. I…
The 10 Statistical Techniques Data Scientists Need to Master

2018-07-29 895

Regardless of where you stand on the matter of Data Science sexiness, it’s simply impossible to ignore the continuing importance of data, and our ability to analyze, organize, and contextualize it…